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Go With The Flow

Happy Sunday!

I had such an awesome time shooting new content for my online school for textured hair education. It seems like every time I try to pivot in a new direction away from hair the industry shows that it needs me more.

Practicing patience, trying not to put up too much resistance around how things are unfolding and going with the flow.

I have been one to set goals and heavily plan. But it seems in this next dimension of my journey it is not required as much as trusting in Gods promise.

Here are some things that I’m sticking to:

1.Daily affirmations and intention setting.

2.Being very aware of my vibrations

3.Staying optimistic

4.Doing things that I like to do not have to do

5.Being happy for no reason at all. Opposed to looking for an external thing

6.Follow the path of least resistance

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