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Rapid Antigen COVID Test Before The Photoshoot

Story time...

This was the first time I had to take a COVID test for work. Normally we’re requested to sign a waiver stating that we haven’t been exposed, tested positive or present any symptoms. When I found out that we had to take the rapid antigen test on site I was a bit shocked and nervous. I didn’t know what to expect as this was my first time. I arrived super early and got it over with. They had a certified tech/medic on site. He swabbed the inside of my nostril, which was uncomfortable but quick. I waited for my results... They called my name... It was negative!🙌🏾 Although I already knew this, there was still a little anxiety. I was then able to set up and start my day. Although we tested negative, we were still required to wear a proper KN95 mask at all times.

One thing I will say is that although I was a bit apprehensive about the process, knowing that everyone around me tested negative presented a level of comfort. There was one less thing to worry about.

These days there are so many factors to deciding whether to leave my family and the safety of my own home environment.

What has your experience been like? Have folks been following proper safety protocol?

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