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Master the mind and the body will follow.

Story time...📖👵🏾

A while back I sustained an injury to my left knee which turned into progressive inflammation in the joint.

There are a few procedures available to ease the pain but in order to avoid surgery on anything invasion, I decided to avoid the pain by overcompensating. This included shifting my weight to the other leg and using one leg (the good one)to go up and down stairs.

This slowed me down in some areas but I was still high functioning as there was no pain to walk or stand.

However, when it came to working out and dancing(y’all know I love dancing), I was so afraid of the pain that I would avoid certain moves and not experience the full work out.

This has been a growing frustration... but today, I pushed myself during my morning workout with @trentonweaver_ .

I had to see if the pain I was a avoiding was really there or all in my mind. You understand what I’m saying? I never gave myself a chance to feel it because I was so afraid of it.

So today when lunged on my left leg, I went a little lower on my first rep, then a little lower on my second rep.

What I realized is that the worst thing you expect to happen usually never happens. Now don’t get me wrong, the pain is real, but I have to test my limits to grow stronger.

This is why mindset and mind mastery is a key to our life’s success. The body will achieve what the mind believes.💪🏾

Ps imma need a lil Advil tonight but I’m good.🤣

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