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5 things you need to STOP doing to start living unapologetically.

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Here's what I did to kick fear in the booty and start living my life unapologetically!

1. Stop living in your own head.

Most of the time we're using our imagination to conjure up things that don't really exist. THE only things that’s real is NOW! We might be spending time thinking about the what’s ifs and past mistakes. So STOP, be still and take a moment to look around. LIfe is still going on. The problem that seemed so macro looks real small in comparison.

2.Stop holding yourself back

give yourself a chance to unfold. find out what area of your life that you're holding back the whole you.

3.Stop caring about what others are thinking of you

It doesn't matter what others think. What matters is what you feel about yourself. That's how we diminish our own personal power. Don't share you big thoughts with small minded people

4.Stop saying negative things about yourself

even jokingingly . That’s a defense mechanism. Replace with positive affirmations. Changes don't happen overnight. It’s a build up of energy.

5.Stop comparing yourself to other people

So hard to do with the overload of info available to us. It burns to see others doing what we want to do. Congratulate them. You will attract faster!

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