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Time Stamp - Declerations toward my future self


On Friday evening I recorded a Facebook LIVE video making declarations towards my future self. After watching the video, I realized that I wasn’t clear enough. I got all excited and forgot most of the things I wanted to say. So for the sake of having an accurate time stamp, I’m going to follow up the video with a few more written details, so we’re all on the same page when stuff starts manifesting. Which they will!

So here it is:

1.Spiritually getting into a groove with my daily sacred rituals. I would love to master it.

2. Small debt outside of my mortgage with a starter emergency fund. I would love to be debt free and have a fully funded emergency fund (Dave Ramsey Baby Step Method)

3. In the career I’ve always dreamed of. It’s hard to imagine what could be better than what I have going on right now but I feel that I’m just getting started. God has a plan to expand me and my reach to create a bigger impact.

4. According to the BMI charts I’m 60 lbs over weight but I would say 30lbs. I would love to be at MY ideal weight.

5. Charitable giver with a philanthropic heart.

6. Outgrowing the way my home is currently setup. I would love to fully renovate my home to the home of my dreams or purchase a new construction.

7. Many business ideas. Not sure which to start first.

a. Academy for hairstylists

b. Multipurpose event space

c. Online community promoting holistic lifestyle

d. Wellness events

e. Vlog/ live videos

f. Real estate

g. Wellness products

h. Lifestyle influencer

I. Hair tutorials

Although, I dabbled in all areas except for real estate, I’m realizing that businesses are built to be profitable. I have not yet consistently monetized any of the above ideas. I would love to create a profitable business.

To some it may seem like I’m putting to much of my business on social media but I don’t care. To me I don’t share to brag but to touch move and inspire. I know what to share and what to keep private. My story could potentially be the catalyst of change in someone else’s life. Secondly, the accountability factor is amazing! Telling all these people what I plan to do gives me the extra kick to make it happen. Lastly, I’ve been using this platform to document the journey to living in my highest possibility. According to Gary Vee documenting is key.

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