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Growing pains

I rarely share this part of my process. This is usually when I go into isolation to realign. I realize it’s important to share not only the highlights but the times of contemplation as well. I feel like the little bud that’s about to break through the soil. All of my superpowers waiting to be activated. Without the proper elements, water, sun and good soil, that bud will never make it out. This is a space of mixed emotion, confusion, exhilaration, uncertainty, new possibilities... there is a reason why it’s called growing pains. Growth is never comfortable. Change is never comfortable. In this phase I choose to recommit to surrender to the natural intelligence of the universe. Surrender can be scary. Releasing the way I think it’s supposed to go. Becoming obedient to the calling. Letting the truth unfold and flourish. Hmmmm not easy. But I commit. Not sure how it will go but I trust. The hardest part is letting go and facing the unknown.

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