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Fear of being broke again

Updated: May 29, 2019

I have identified my limiting belief system that I believe has been causing the contradiction in my vibrational frequency...I am afraid of being broke again.

I hit the ground so many times, failed/unrealized business ideas, foreclosure, and overall trauma from living through financial hardships of past mistakes. I'm afraid to feel that sting again.

I’m finally in a place career wise where money will not be an issue. If I observe history and it’s patterns, acting on new ideas/ventures have caused me pain and loss. What I have now is secure. At least for now.

Awareness of my misalignment is actually freeing. I couldn’t figure out why something I wanted so badly was not manifesting. It’s because I was saying one thing but thinking and feeling another subconsciously and unconsciously. Thank God I’m equipped with the information, tools and support to be able to turn this this around. To be honest, I literally just had this breakthrough and I’m currently processing my feelings and ways I want to work it work. So consider this a living document that I will update later on today. Just had to share while it was still fresh!


AFFIRMATIONS (tailored to the way I’m feeling in the moment

  1. Every idea I have will prosper

  2. I have the Midas touch and everything I touch turns to gold.

  3. I believe in myself

  4. I am worthy of all good things

  5. I will always have money

  6. All my needs are already met


Can’t dwell on past mistakes. Can’t spend time worried about things that haven’t happened yet. The only time that we have is NOW. Been getting too emotional about irrelevant things that are not happening NOW or even the near future. Why am I worried about failing in a business that I haven’t started yet? Are theses facts or stories that I’m making up. Stories can feel and appear to be real.

How can I live in the NOW? How can I become more present and mindful?


Still your mind. Literally been overworking my brain with possibilities, visions, dreams, worries, strategies, learning new things... plus my everyday responsibilities. If my brain were an engine I’m sure it would overheat on a regular basis. That’s why taking a moment each day to give the brain a rest is critical to my well being mentally, emotionally and physically. I can always tell when I‘ve stayed away from my regimen too long. Breakdowns happen! Meditation quiets the mind so you can connect with your creator. Infinite intelligence that we all have access to.


Visualize successful outcomes. Focus on winning and not just trying not to lose. The fear comes from my pattern of past mistakes that affected me and my family. Why was I believing that it would happen again? I was using my mind to visualize the wrong thing. I will visualize all future ventures as successful and profitable.

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