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Trust The Process | Stacey Ciceron

My challenge over the last few months has been to trust this very same process and not get into my own way. What does it really mean to trust the process anyway? It means allowing the story of MY life to unfold and develop EACH day. Unfolding(savoring it)...such a beautiful word, begins with just ONE GOD idea! You see there are good ideas and there are GOD ideas. Many of us feel that we can't live this way due to cost of living expenses, personal obligations, fears, limiting mindsets... or ALL of the above. It takes a whole lot of courage to get up everyday and grow and explore that GOD idea. Sometimes that idea does not measure up to the persona or professional image that you've worked so hard to establish in the public eye. That's where the TRUST comes into play. You have to TRUST and BELIEVE that what GOD has planned for you is far greater than the good ideas you have planned for yourself.


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