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Your self worth is your net worth | Stacey Ciceron

Girl! It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago I was hiding in the shadows. Overweight, Not believing in myself and my own strength, losing confidence and hiding from what God was calling me to do. Lead, inspire, change lives…

Self talk is more powerful than any other thing you will hear about yourself, whether positive or negative, on the outside.

It shapes your identity and what you believe about yourself.

Most of us are in an identity crisis because we are forced in a way to constantly compare ourselves to others.

The truth is we can use our words to form new truths about ourselves. We can speak words of love, life and abundance and create a new identity the way God sees us.

We can use our words to rebuke lack, confusion and disease.

Next time you look at yourself in the mirror, take the bold step to speak out loud and declare the NEW YOU and life you want.

Disclaimer* it feels a little weird at first because you feel like you’re lying to yourself. You will become more comfortable and confident the more you speak life over your situation.

Nowadays I’m learning to step into it and embrace the fullness of each assignment.

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