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We need more luxury experiences for black women and salons | Stacey Ciceron

When I was a salon owner one of my biggest challenges was finding luxury/ high quality products and tools that helped to elevate my client’s experience.

I wasn’t the typical around the way “shop” or black beauty parlor.

I created a space that was safe for healing and style transformation.

I was on a constant hunt for brands that would support my growth as a hairstylist and salon owner. Unfortunately at that time it was like finding a needle in a haystack. For my black business at least…One here… one there…

Why? I learned early on the importance of partnering with great companies that provide education around business development, technical and creative skills as well as offer quality products to help meet my goals of running a successful business.

A lot of hairstylists are so busy working IN their business that they don’t get a chance to work ON their business.

Fast forward to today, I am still looking for ways to help myself and other hairstylists to go from around the way“shop” to an elevated luxury experience.

What’s your biggest challenge in growing your clientele, salon business or manifesting your vision?

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