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The Truth About Curl Creams On Natural Hair

What makes curl cream different from other styling products like gel or mousse?

Curl cream is designed to quench and moisturize curls while giving it natural hold and finish. while gels and mousse are designed for firm hold. You can achieve similar results with both depending on hair type and hair texture. 

Why do curls benefit from the use of extra moisturizing styling products?

Textured hair is naturally predisposed to dryness because of its shape and the way natural oils are able to travel down the hair strand. So it’s very important to replenish, add and seal in moisture and hydration to curl hair. This allows the hair to be stronger, have more luster and reduces frizz and adding definition.

What should curly girls with natural hair / tight coils specifically look for in curl creams?

The main thing that curls cream provide is moisture and hydration while offering a natural hold and finish. There is no one answer as each hair type and texture has its own unique needs. But one thing they all have in common is dryness and the need to nourish, strengthen and moisturize their hair. Curl cream rich in moisturizing and nourishing ingredients like natural butters and essential oils are great. 

What should curly girls with frizzy hair specifically look for in curl creams?

The same as I mentioned moisture is one of the key factors in reducing frizz believe it or not. Also making sure that the product is evenly distributed to the hair and is allowed to dry with very little manipulation 

Are there specific ingredients curly girls should look for in their curl creams based on curl type or need (i.e. a lot of damage, frequent heat styling, etc)? 

I’ve already mentioned what to look for but what They should really be looking for are unhealthy ingredients not to be in their products like parabens, sulfates, silcones...etc. prolonged use of these ingredients can lead to excessive dryness which make the hair fragile.

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