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Should I Use An Afro Comb Attachment or Brush When Blowdrying My Natural Hair?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Whenever I host my textured hair education classes in person or online, students always ask me, why I love using a flat brush to blowdry natural hair? Is there something wrong with using an Afro pick comb attachment and have I ever tried using it.

I really love using the concentrator nozzle and flat brush or Denman brush to blowdry and stretch natural hair because I feel that it's safer and I have more control over the hair. I am able to place the heat and the air flow exactly where it needs to be. It saves me time, I love the results and the process is much smoother.

In this video I give an honest review of my experience trying both and you get a chance to see side by side results.

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