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Key Tips for Business Tax Planning and Preparation with Tax Professional Charisse Lee


Tax Intelligence 2024

Dive into the world of financial foresight with our latest episode, as we sit down with seasoned tax professional Charisse Lee to unravel the intricate landscape of business taxes. In this insightful conversation, Charisse, co-owner of the esteemed L&L Accounting Services, brings over 35 years of family business expertise to the forefront.

L&L Accounting Services, a licensed firm in New York, has been serving clients nationwide with distinction. Specializing in everything from bookkeeping to tax preparation, payroll, and sales tax services, L&L provides a comprehensive suite of financial solutions. Charisse's expertise extends to tax and estate planning, making her a go-to resource for businesses and individuals alike.

In this episode, Charisse sheds light on the crucial aspects of business taxes, equipping you with the knowledge needed to set the stage for success in 2024 and beyond. From strategic tax planning insights to the intricacies of corporate and personal tax preparation, Charisse covers it all.

Join us as we explore the family-owned legacy of L&L Accounting Services and gain a deeper understanding of the nationwide impact they've made. This episode is your compass to navigate the complex world of taxes, ensuring that you're well-prepared and empowered for financial triumphs in the coming years.

Tune in for a conversation that goes beyond the numbers, offering a holistic perspective on tax intelligence and strategies to secure a prosperous financial future for your business."

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