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It’s GLOW UP Season! | Stacey CICERON

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

It’s #GlowUpSeason 🌟

A woman can feel beautiful at any size. It’s all about what you want for yourself, where you see yourself.

For me, I see myself feeling confident, healthy, moving effortlessly, pain free, wealthy spiritually and financially and enjoying a good quality of life.

For a short while, that’s not where my path was leading me to.

With God’s Grace and support from mentors, coaches and loved ones I was able to turn/ pivot toward the direction of my deepest desires to create physical and financial freedom for myself while inspiring others to do the same.

Glowing up for me is more that looking the part.(although that a big part of where I’m going) It’s about believing in myself, feeling good about myself and feeling good about my contribution to my community.

This is what I want for YOU!

My only obstacle/challenge has been learning how to build, grow and find this community of women like you that’s ready… Ready to ACTIVATE your spirit, health, finance, family,freedom…

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