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How To Align With Your Calling - Renee Daniel Flagler

What better way to kick off my #30DaysOfGratitude in November by launching my new podcast ✨🙌🏾✨! You can go to

Day 1:

I am so grateful for the vision and courage to actually put myself out there and talk about topics I’ve been wanting to cover on my platform since forever. Holistic Wellness, spirituality, aligning with your purpose, mindset... Today’s Podcast we have the fabulous Renee Daniel Flagler - My friend, accountability partner, Author, Speaker and Executive Director of Girls Inc Long Island.


We’re talking about how to align with your calling in life. Have you ever felt like there’s more to life than what you’re doing? Have you felt like you’re called for more but don’t know where to start? Are you lacking clarity on your purpose and passion in life? Then hunny... this ones for YOU! We’re going all the way in!

Renee Daniel Flagler is an award-winning writer, adjunct professor, and a speaker who is passionate about encouraging women and youth to pursue their passion and purpose. Over the years, Renee has published multiple fiction books including several romance titles under the pen name, Nicki Night. Renee’s book Society Wives has been optioned for film. Renee is also working on the release of her first non-fiction title, Dream Journey: 7 Steps for Turning your Passion Into Your Lifestyle. She is often called on to speak to groups of woman and young people about finding their passion and purpose.


Drop me a comment to let me know if this episode blessed you and if so, what were some of your takeaways?


I am truly grateful for all of the excitement, love and support I’ve been receiving from everyone.

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