How I maintain my flat ironed hair

My timing was completely off with straightening my natural hair after 4 years of styling my hair with no heat.

It’s been raining everyday in NYC for the past week and the humidity is almost at 100% everyday. ☔️

Wrapping my hair would normally be my go-to method for maintaining my straightened look but it’s too puffy to brush through, plus I don’t recommend combing or brushing dry hair.

DO NOT try to re-flat iron your hair.🙅🏾‍♀️

I decided to Maintain my stretched hair by braiding it into two large plaits at night covered by a satin scarf.

This is the outcome.🤩

What methods do you use to keep your natural hair stretched? I’m curious, what works for you??

#silkpress #braidout #naturalhairrocks #protectivestyling

Ps I just found the perfect nude lip and I’m very happy about that.😬

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