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Hair Steamers For Us Low Porosity Girls | Stacey Ciceron

Have you noticed?

Hair steamers have been all the rave for the last few years in the Naturalista community. Why is that?

It's no surprise at this point that natural hair is disadvantaged when it comes to maintaining moisture in the hair. Because of it's coily shape and the strands porosity, it sometimes makes it almost impossible to get and keep moisture in the hair.

That's where the beloved hair steamers comes into play.

A hair steamer is a tool that delivers vaporized water over the hair. These days I've seen what looks like a hooded dryer, table top mechanism and even a hand held device. Each one chosen based on ones comfort level and preference.

What are the benefits of a Hair Steamer:

  1. Because of the light molecular weight of the steam, its able the penetrate the strands up to 5x more than traditional heat caps or hood dryers which allows masques and conditioning treatments to absorb on a deeper level.

  2. Literally adding moisture and hydration directly to the hair. Have you ever tried to spray water on low porosity hair? Its like pouring water on a duck, it literally rolls off without a drop absorbing into the hair.

  3. Great for low porosity hair that needs the steam to open cuticles. Low porosity hair cuticles lay flat quickly, making water absorbency a challenge. The only way to get water in is to fully saturate the hair or add an external heat source, i.e. the steamer...

  4. Releases toxins from hair and scalp. Not only does the steam help to raise the cuticle, it also opens and clarifies pores in the scalp.

  5. Spa-like treatment! The warm vapor from the steam feels like a facial for the scalp.

  6. Immediate results. You coils will be so happy with the boost of moisture. You literally see the effects of it right away. You'll notice a healthier appearance and more definition .

So the next time you're looking to intensify your deep treatment or need an emergency dose of moisture to your hair, I strongly recommend incorporating a regular steam treatment to your hair care regimen.

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