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5 Tips For Growing Healthy Natural Hair in 2021

I recently chopped off more than five inches from my waist length natural hair. It was not easy but it was so needed. I wanted somewhat of a fresh start. I promised myself that I would commit to being more intentional about my haircare. Technically if I do things the right way, I can have my length back by the end of the year. As I'm writing this, I do feel a bit of resentment, to be honest. There's nothing like putting in the work to have it taken away because of my poor decisions. I promise you I will eventually get over it! lol Maybe when my hair is back down to my waist.

Also on a side note, I've been being pulled toward starting locs... that's a whole 'nother story!

Here are 5 tips that will help you to grow healthy natural hair in 2021. Are you with me??


You have got to get your mind right,sis! Seriously this natural hair journey takes time and is not an overnight thing. I don't think this is said enough. You will need to be patient, consistent and committed to your unique results/outcome. If length is your goal, it may take years, unlike what you may have seen with some of these miracle concoctions online.

Know Your Hair

It's so important to know your hair. It's so easy to get caught up with hair crushes online. But, we have to be realistic. Most likely you won't get the same results as someone who does not have you hair type. Take time to research and learn your hair type, hair texture, density and porosity.

Create a Consistent Regimen

If you can develop a regular and consistent hair regimen, sis, you have won half the battle! You can't be all over the place with what you're using and how you're using it. It makes it incredibly difficult to track what's working from what's not working. Create a system of products,tools, along with frequency of washing, conditioning, trimming and remoisturizing. You may need to document in a calendar, phone or journal.


Highly textured hair is already predisposed to dryness because of it's shape. It's important for us to replenish and maintain moisture in our hair. Dry hair becomes fragile and weak. Weak hair leads to break and that does not go along with our healthy hair plans, now does it?

Low Manipulation

If you're serious about growing healthy natural hair, you have got to stop overstyling, playing, combing , brushing your hair so much!!! Low manipulation has been my saving grace. Protective styles are a great way to give your hair some much needed rest. When I say protective styles, it doesn't have to be pricey like crochet, weaves or wigs. You can simply keep your own hair tucked away in braids, twists or updos.

I also created a youtube video sharing these tips. Go check it out! like and subscribe.

Did you find these tips helpful? What's one thing you struggle with?? Let me know in the comments below.

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