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Blijf op de hoogte met Stacey volledige afleveringen

Stay Tuned With Stacey Ep. 6-Women Taking Ownership of Their Health and Wellness

Guess who's back in the hot seat on Episode 6 of Stay Tuned With Stay. None other than America's favorite M.D. FitDoc Dr. Michele C Reed. We're talking about a topic that's already trending in 2018 and that's women taking ownership of their health. Check out her programs at

Stay Tuned With Stacey Ep. 5-Master Your Reality

Impromptu LIVE convo with the creator of Hol A Medz​ apparel. Discussing how to master your reality and what you can do to stay in a positive state.🙏🏾 

Click the link below to check out his clothing line that supports the movement.

@Hol.a.Medz on IG

Stay Tuned With Stacey Ep.4 Disease Prevention

  LIVE with Dr. Michele C. Reed aka FitDoc, author of Mentally Fit Physically Strong. Talking about disease prevention and busting all the myths about getting in shape for 2018 and beyond! I hope this message speaks to you 

Stay Tuned With Stacey Ep.3 What Is The Dream Journey?

Peace out 2017 ✌🏾Check out my last episode for 2017! Renee Daniel Flagler opens up about the #DreamJourney movement and what’s it’s been like for her pursuing a professional writing career. In this interview we also discuss Work life balance. Renee is an award winning writer and an award nominated author. She has written 14 books and has spoken on various platforms. She believes that service is her human duty. 

Stay Tuned With Stacey Ep. 2 Big Travel w/Small Kids

Stay Tuned With Stacey Ep. 2 Big Travel w/Small Kids

On episode 2 of #StayTunedWithStacey I’ll be talking to  Terrie Ann DaCosta @terrietravels about the daunting task of traveling with kids. I don’t know about you but I already have my dream travel destinations in mind for next year. Terrie Ann has traveled to over 50 countries solo and about 30 countries with her two children sometimes multiple destinations in one trip. She makes it seem like a walk in the park. To top it all of she’s working on a secret project(not so secret now)to meet the needs of parents traveling with children that have special needs. Remarkable!👏🏾Now you see why she’s the right person to talk to about planning my 2018 trips with my daughters

Stay Tuned with Stacey Ep.1 Money Moves

LIVE Accounting and tax tips to wrap up the year with my Accountant James Lee owner of  L & L Accounting Services. Especially NEW Businesses

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