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On the surface it looks like I’m a hairstylist, beauty expert and educator, some would say motivational coach. But what I really do is empower and equip people/companies with resources to execute their vision and live their best lives.


I am passionate about helping people to realize their goals that may have otherwise appeared to be to big to handle. So if you’re interested, I invite you to accompany me on my journey to rise from the ashes of our past or current circumstances.


Let’s just say I’m no one trick pony! Lol! With 18+ years of experience growing a successful brand in the fashion and beauty industry as a hairstylist, beauty expert, educator, consultant and personal development enthusiast. I have become a go-to and trusted resource when it comes to getting the job done big or small. I am passionate about using my own life experiences to help others pursue and manifest their visions. I believe that education is key and knowledge is power.


I realize that no matter what service I’m providing, whether you’re a corporation, solopreneur or everyday woman, there is one common thread and that’s my desire to empower people with information and resources to make better decisions about their goals and life. My mantra is elevate, educate and inspire in any space I show up in. That’s truly living in purpose.


If you’d like to learn more about what I do, join my mailing list to be the first to know about live events, workshops and product offers.

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