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My New Fitness Pal | Weight Loss Journey

Part of setting yourself up for success is preparing for possible setbacks that may derail your progress.

For me, I was very casual about my approach to weight loss in the past. I would diet until I couldn’t take it anymore or participate in some type of weight loss challenge or plan that once completed, I would slowly go back to my old ways.

But a thought came to me the other day... How was I able to have so much success in getting my finances together of the past 20 months? How was I able to stay on track?

Then I realized that losing weight and keeping up with my finances could be handled with the same approach.

First things first.

1. Where am I now and where would I like to be.

2. Set your goal along with a timeline

3.Create a plan of action(budget) In this case instead of managing money, I’ll be managing calories.

4. Stick to it!

I downloaded the @myfitnesspal pal app onto my iPhone and it’s been such a great addition.

I can track meals, calories, water intake, exercise, weight. There are some cool features I haven’t check out yet but I just had to share.

Check it out! If you’re on there add me as a friend.

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