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Conquering Imposter Syndrome: Overcoming Self-Doubt in Entrepreneurship and Leadership


On this episode today we’ll be chatting it up about a topic that seems to be buzzing a lot lately in the entrepreneur an leadership arena and that is Imposter Syndrome. We are being called to step up into higher roles or you’re seeking to grow in your business and brand but something makes you feel like you’re not worthy of these accomplishments Today’s guest is going to help us gain insight on unleashing our Confidence and crushing imposter syndrome so we can step into the roles that God has called us to be in.

My guest Tricia Campbell is a Jamaican born plus sized supermodel, Confidence, self love body image and model Coach. She helps her students and community Feel and look their best so they feel good in the skin they are in. Tricia is also no stranger to the Girl Activate community and podcast!

4 Tips To Deal With Impostor Syndrome

  1. Embrace your feminine energy

  2. Believe in yourself

  3. Daily affirmations

  4. create your own badass list

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