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Are Protein Treatments Good For The Hair | Stacey Ciceron

1. What is a protein treatment?

A protein treatment is a conditioning treatment for the hair that is designed to reconstruct and strengthening weakened and damaged strands. It contains plant proteins along with other beneficial ingredients. There may still be some on the shelves with animal protein.

2. What are the benefits of using a protein treatment on natural hair?

If your natural hair has been damaged by color, over manipulation or blow drying the hair, a protein treatment will help to rebuild and fill in broken hair fibers. Improving strength and elasticity in comprised strands.

3. How do you know if your hair needs protein?

If you notice that your hair is weak or breaking, that is a clear indication that you’re in need of a protein treatment. Also, you can maintain and restore the integrity of the hair after coloring by using protein treatments. It’s not one of those things you use just because you feel like it.

4. How often should you use a protein treatment?

Depending on the hair type, porosity and condition of the hair, protein treatments can be done weekly or monthly.

5. Do you need to do protein treatments alongside other treatments? Or, can you just do regular protein treatments in addition to regular wash days?

Depending on the condition of the hair, breaking, chemical damage, you may need a strong or concentrated protein formula that is usually followed by a moisturizing conditioner. Other than that incorporating a moisture balance protein treatment can be a great addition and beneficial to any washday.

6. Can you give your hair too much protein? If so, are there side effects to this?

Yes there is such a thing as too much. Especially on low porosity hair and fine hair. Excessive use of protein treatment can be too harsh causing the hair to feel rough and brittle which eventually leads to breakage. That’s why I stress taking time to learn your hair before choosing products. Protein treatments are great for color/chemically treated, high porosity and damaged hair.

7. Are there any good protein treatments you recommend?

Yes I love treatments and masques that have a balance of protein and moisture. My favorite is the Oribe Moisture and Control Deep Treatment Masque. Concentrated protein formulas are extreme and therefore needed for extreme cases in my opinion. Prevention is better than cure. Take time to develop a consistent hair regimen.

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