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3 Things You Must Know Before Growing Your Natural Hair Clientele

You'll learn the exact steps to take to grow a successful natural hair clientele using what you already know, love , and do! Ready to reclaim your time and attract the  clientele that pays you your worth?


Stacey continues to prove she is more than a beauty expert. Stacey created an online community to serve as a resource for women of all walks of life to assist with professional and personal development. Stacey Ciceron has an inherent desire to tap into people’s inner and outer beauty. She utilizes her wide range of experience, background as an educator, and her need to incessantly innovate to help create a unique experience that provides individuals with the inspiration to reach their highest potential.


"Educate. Elevate. Inspire.” – Stacey Ciceron

Have A Glimpse Of Your Hairstylist Work

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I wanted to take the time to personally thank you for the pop up group. I truly had no idea of what exactly I was going to be signing up for, but it more than exceeded any expectations I might have had. You are real, genuine, smart and so talented and I still can’t believe that I got a whole months worth of training and education from someone like you. You taking the time and effort that you did to teach and answer every one of mine and others questions is a blessing. I now feel confident and excited to try everything you taught me and more. I seriously cannot thank you enough. You are a light in this world and deserve every ounce of success.

- Alexandria, Recent Student

"Thank you. Your class was a great opportunity. Serving as a solid foundation for current students and professionals alike.

I’ve gained pages of notes on everything from styling tips, to methods of moisture retention, and identifying different curl patterns. I’ve learned how to choose the appropriate products, in combination, and what order to apply them.

I enjoyed your live demos, and loved having this to look forward to weekly, amidst quarantine, and the transition back to work. You’ve focused on defining clear purpose and direction, and with that, helped to reinforce techniques I had already been implementing, but now with added confidence.

Through such a trying time, your education has been a light, for myself and many others. I look forward to following your path as a teacher, and applying this knowledge to my wonderful clients, and my own natural hair. I hope to learn from you in person one day."

- Sarah Adeleye, Recent Student

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