I've developed a training program to address the fears that a hairstylist is often faced with when it comes to working with clients with highly textured hair.

•How can I manage my time better?
•Am I choosing the right products and tools?
•Where do I start?
•Can I even handle this?
•Am I allowed to make mistakes?

and it goes on and on....

In my FREE 3 day training I will help you uncover the root of these fears and then DESTROY them for good. By the end of this training you will be mentally ready to level up with confidence.

The spirit led woman podcast

Hello Hello!


I want to take this moment to welcome and thank you for stopping by. I created this community as a solution to questions and challenges that I've been hearing from many women around the world. That's concerns and challenges with haircare, beauty, mindset, health, wealth and spiritiality.

"Educate. Elevate. Inspire.”

Stacey Ciceron is a name you can associate with beauty, innovation, passion and determination. A consultant to major beauty brands, Stacey is a powerhouse that has been carving out her own path in the beauty world for over a decade and has no intentions of stopping when it comes to growing the Stacey Ciceron brand.


Stacey continues to prove she is more than a beauty expert. Stacey created an online community to serve as a resource for women of all walks of life to assist with professional and personal development. Stacey Ciceron has an inherent desire to tap into people’s inner and outer beauty. She utilizes her wide range of experience, background as an educator, and her need to incessantly innovate to help create a unique experience that provides individuals with the inspiration to reach their highest potential.


"Educate. Elevate. Inspire.” – Stacey Ciceron

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